We are not fools about bicycles. We are not fools either.

We believe in a society in which the rhythm decreases, and time returns to the human scale.

Lanterne Rouge doesn't focus on arriving first, but naturally takes its time, taking the lead on change.

Lanterne Rouge likes to play outside, with the neighbors close by, and the public space to be lived by people.


We work on communication in an integrated way, from the definition of the strategy to the material or digital design of communication media.


Each case is diferent and we study your specific situation, diagnosing and proposing the creative solutions to be implemented, whether in your company, your school, your city, ... or your neighborhood.

Product Design

We bring together in our approach the experience gained as daily cycling users, with creative and productive competence in product design projects.
We work on the development of products under our own brand or B2B/OEM developing.


The R & D component is inherent in our project approach. We want that the solutions we develop, fullfill new knowledge.